Salam Jumaat #HariBerkabungMH17 #lagiseminggumasukgombak #menganggur

Salam Jumaat #hariberkabungMH17 #weekend #lagiseminggumasukgombak #menganggur


I think somethings going different to me lately. I think im converting to gay. I watched Zac Efron movies, Neil Patrick Haris’ shows and Jim Parsons shows. But I swear I never watch gay porn. Oh God, please help me. I’m a straight person. If u already made me gay, then I accept it. Hmm.

Robin Williams

R.I.P. Robin Williams. You made my childhood funny and awesome. You are truly an amazing and inspirational person.


The Evolution of Robin Williams by Jeff Victor


RIP Robin Williams
by 8VIII


Most accurate statement I’ve ever seen on family guy


god bless his soul